2000-2009 Listing of Pictures

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Ocean Beach
The Sands of Times Two
Bride on Bridge
El Capitan's Shirts
The Sea Air
Shell Station and Tandoori
Magic Light
Spring Ridge Trail 2
Architecture 3
Search for the Trail
Time Run Out
Water Jugs
Water Lilies
Sales Billowing
Roots 2
Green Hair
Violent Downtown Towers
I think I smell something burning 2
Sunrise North Bay
Bird of Paradise
Drop Shadow
Sea Life
Marcel Duchamp's Canon
Gallery Opening 6
Rise and Fall
Mirror Collection
Outside the Ship Something Strange Appeared
Magic Light Edited
Mercedes Handle
Acura Cathedral
VW Helmet
Waiting for Hollywood
Honda Elements
Clothed in Car
Five Honda Elements Circular
Premonition 2 with Sculpture
The Temptation of Dressmaking
Idle Hands 2
Cacti and Seals
Windy Hill Dappled Shadows 2
Still Life Leaking
The Art of Being Framed
San Andreas Fault
Escaping Telephony
Surreal Landscape
Moon and Deer
Purple Staircase
OK, I'll take care of it
Urban Complexities
Help Arrives
Just do it, he said with devilish glee
Purisima Creek Pacfic View 3
Santa Cruz, Memorial Day 2007
Lost at Sea
Hair 2
Gateway to Flowers
Water Lillies 2
Flamingo 2
The Flashlight Reveals ...
The Wedding Aisle
Self Storage
Headed Back to the Ocean
Circus School